Sunday, October 26, 2008

Egg Substitute

I heard about this egg substitute and have been experimenting with it in various recipes. It's as follows:

Egg Substitute

5 TB plus 1 tsp water, divided
1 tsp unflavored gelatin

To make one "egg" (for substitution in baked goods), add 1 tsp of gelatin to 3 TB water and stir. Then, add 2 TB plus one teaspoon of boiling water to the mixture and stir.

NOTE: You may need to decrease the liquid in your recipe to make up for the additional liquid in the egg substitute. As a general rule, the reduction would be around 1/4 cup. In what little experimentation I have done, I found this to be somewhat accurate, but it really varies. I usually mix everything up then adjust. For example, in the case of brownies, I added additional flour to thicken the batter. Another time I didn't adjust at all and simply increased the baking time. This method produces very moist baked goods (especially compared to ground flax seed as an egg substitute), but you will need to experiment and adjust as best you can until you get it right.


Michelle said...

I read a comment you left on another website about unflavored gelatin and I wanted to ask you about the recipe. Lo and behold you already posted it! Thanks so much for this information. I have been trying to experiment with gelatin lately and will try yours!

Wild Squirrel said...

No problem, Michelle! Thanks for stopping by. :)